J.C.W. Shepherd PhD Student Prize Of The Biozentrum, University Of Basel

Scholarship Description:

The wife of John Charles Warren Shepherd, a former collaborator of Walter Gehring (see Shepherd JC et al. 1984 Nature, Shepherd JC et al. 1989 PNAS), has bequeathed part of her estate to the Biozentrum, University of Basel, for the specific purpose of setting up a student prize for scientific excellence in his memory.

Degree Level: Scholarship is for PhD

Available Subjects: Molecular Sciences

Scholarship Benefits: An annual prize will be awarded to up to three PhD students achieving academic excellence in scientific research at the Biozentrum and the ability to describe these achievements in an essay. Awardees will be selected by the committee members of the Biozentrum Basel PhD Fellowships Program. The prize consists of CHF 1’500.00 per awardee and will be handed out at the Biozentrum Symposium of the following year.

Eligible Nationalities: The Scholarship is open to students from any nationality.

Eligibility Criteria:

PhD Students can apply during their PhD thesis and up to 1 year after their thesis defines but only with a subject/work done during the PhD thesis. Students should be encouraged by their supervisor to apply.

Application Procedure:

  • A written essay, of up to 500 words, about the project work and associated publication. The essay should include “Background”, “Open Question/Hypothesis”, “Achievements” and “Broder Impact” sections. The essay should contextualise the work for a broader scientific audience (i.e. other focal areas at the Biozentrum).
  • A supporting statement from the PhD thesis supervisor.
  • The publication in question, which has to be at least in revision at the time of application.

Deadline: 30 November, 2019

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