Postdoc Positions in Mathematics at Henri Lebesgue Center in France, 2019

Scholarship Description: The Henri Lebesgue Center is inviting applications for several postdoc positions for researchers in mathematics. Positions are available for International students.

Excellence laboratory of the program investissement d’avenir, the Henri Lebesgue Center is a center for mathematics based on 3 pillars

  • A very high-level research recognized at the international level and covering a broad spectrum of today’s mathematics, from the most applied to the most abstract
  • A training offer at the graduate level which is attractive, dynamic and diverse
  • Deep interactions with the socio-economic fabric, in particular in the fields of health, information technology and material science. The Henri Lebesgue Center also maintains a close relationship with its socio-cultural environment through actions geared towards a great audience (5 minutes Lebesgue, fêtes de la science, conferences…)

Degree Level: Positions are available to pursue Postdoctoral programme.

Available Subject: Positions are awarded to researchers in Mathematics.

Scholarship Benefits: There is no teaching obligation. The net salary will be about 2 100 Euros per month.

  1. IRMAR in Rennes,
  2. LMJL in Nantes,
  3. LMBA in Brest and Vannes, and
  4. LAREMA in Anger.

Eligible Nationalities: Positions are available for International students.

Entrance Requirements: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Candidates must have completed a PhD in mathematics, or equivalent, at the date of taking office. The candidate must submit an original research project including collaboration with one or more local researcher(s). Applicants must complete the online form where they have to join the following documents:

  • CV describing the candidate’s profile and professional experience (list of publications, research topics, activities)
  • Cover letter including the research project
  • Provide the email address of at least two researchers who agree to send a recommendation letter, including one from a local researcher.

Application Procedure: The application form is common to all postdoctoral positions.

Online Application

Scholarship Link